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Famous Softball Players - Michele Smith

Michele Mary Smith was born in Califon, New Jersey who has played for the USA Olympic/National Team, Toyota Shokki (Japan Pro League), WPSL Gold, Redding Rebels and NJ Belles. Smith began to play softball at five years old but only began to pitch at the age of fifteen. She plays several positions, those being pitcher/dh/1b/RF.

Her career for Team USA began in 1990, where her team finished second in the ASA Women’s Majors National Championships but Smith was named to the 1st team All-American. Also in 1990, she was picked as the USOC Softball Sportsperson of the Year, won a bronze medal at the USA Softball National Team Festival (was the best batter of the festival with .455 and 5 RBI and she even pitched the third no hitter in festival history), and finally in 1990 she won a gold medal with Team USA at ISF World Championships (she was the winning pitcher of the championship game, pitched the only perfect game and was named MVP of the Championship.) Michelle Smith’s accolades continued to rise from there on during the course of her career. In 1991 she was a gold medalist with Team USA at the Pan American Games, in 1992 was a gold medalist with Team USA at the World Challenger Cup, and her team was first place at the ASA Women’s Major National Championships where she was the winning pitcher of the championship game, a 1st Team All-American Pitcher and MVP.

Famous Softball Players - Michele SmithIn 1993 she was also voted as the USOC softball sportsperson of the year and was a gold medalist with Team USA at the Intercontinental Cup. Michele Smith won plenty of other awards and tournaments during her career with Team USA as well as Olympic Gold Medals (1996, 2000 & 2004.) Michele Smith is a very popular athlete in the US, and she has the invitations to prove it. She appeared on “Regis and Kathie Lee” , “Oprah” , “Crook & Chase”, “Up To The Minute” , “CNN” , “NBC’s Today Show” , “CBS Good Morning America” , a Public Service announcement for Sports United Against Drugs, Etc. Talk about being in demand! In 1997 she was the NJ Sportswriters Association Female Athlete of the Year & Olympian Award. In 1997, the demand continued to rise for Smith. She was the special guest to the President for the announcement of the Tobacco Bill. Finally in 2000, she appeared in Sports Illustrated for Women, Elle Magazine, Women’s Sports & Fitness, USA Today, Forbes, etc. Finally in 2006, she was inducted into the American Softball Association’s Hall of Fame.

Michel Smith also had a career in Japan. She was actually the first foreigner to be pictured on the Japan Softball Magazine cover. She gave the people in Japan even more reason to keep putting her face of the softball magazine when her team that she played for in Japan the Japan Cup National Tournament and she was the MVP of the Cup and even pitched a perfect game for the championship. In 1994, Smith led team Toyota Shokki to 1st place in League Championship and was named MVP and best pitcher. Smith continued to impress Japanese softball fans by continuing to lead her team to championships and winning awards during her time there which continued into 2007. As of December 2006, Michele’s lifetime pitching stats from the Japan Pro League was151 wins, 1760 strikeouts, 6 perfect games, and 13 no hitter’s with 0 runs scored.

Michele Smith is truly one of the best softball players in history.

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